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Phosphenes, serving the Industrial & Construction sectors , stands committed for a greener tomorrow by virtue of services offered in Raw materials supply , process improvements and supply chain solutions, resulting in reduced carbon foot print….making the world a better place…even if… in a small way.

Phosphenes , in the business of specialty chemical additives , raw materials and equipments in the verticals of Green Energy , Green Construction , Process Industries and in-situ generation of essential gases ( O2 / H2 / N2 ) has its base in Chennai (India ) addressing the IMEA markets.

Biourja 400KPD @ IIM Bangalore

Functional Areas :

  •   Construction Additives / Raw materials – Micro Silica, Fumed Silica, GGBS & Fibres.
  • Industrial Bye-products utilization in the concrete Industry for partial replacement of cement resulting in significant reduction in carbon foot print.
  •   Advanced Equipment for Conversion of Organic ( Food) waste to energy.
  • Representing GPS Renewables for Biourja system which digests bio-waste and produces clean Bio-CNG ( biogas with high percentage of methane). Biourja is a high rate dry anaerobic advanced (patent pending) system which is simple to monitor & with minimal preventive maintenance.
  •   Activated Carbon for use in Process Industries & Water treatment Industry.
  • Value added natural product used in several applications including Color removal and purification of drinking water
  •   Packaged Equipment for in-situ generation of Hydrogen, Oxygen & Nitrogen.
  • Serving as an extended arm of Hygear Netherlands, in providing highly reliable packaged systems for generation of essential gases ( O2/ N2/H2) on site thereby eliminating all Supply Chain related owes.

Phosphenes Intro

  • Phosphenes is managed by professional with technical education (Bachelors in Chemical Engg & Masters in Bio-Sciences from BITS, Pilani ) with about a decade of process Industries exposure in India across Refinery , Fertilizer , Steel , Aluminum and chemical process Industries. The subsequent International experience, of over 15 years has been in specialty chemicals, additives and related machinery in the verticals of Construction , metal processing and Chemical process industries, while based in Dubai, UAE. The areas of expertise being strategic sourcing, Technical Sales ( niche application) and concept selling.
  • The relationships developed over the decades , our commitment and the planned team of professionals are manifested to contribute to the endeavor of Phosphenes to provide the Industries with advanced Solutions from both Domestic and International sources.
  • The portfolio of Phosphenes is expected to grow…so long as…there is effective contribution that can be made in line with its Goal & Aspiration.

Whats in a name :

“ Phosphenes “ – the phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light when there is actually no light entering the retina (eye) can be an analogous to the endeavor of the organization Phosphenes to contribute, in a humble way, to a greener tomorrow even in situations where the resources / possibilities may be very limited.

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